Choosing A Broker


Choosing a Broker is not a decision to be taken lightly. Your broker will become an important part of your daily life. You’ll share many details about your lifestyle and spend considerable time working together toward a common goal. The Hasson Company suggests you consider the following factors when interviewing and evaluating brokers to represent you:


Real estate experience is not just the number of years in the business or the number of homes a broker has sold. Experience is about commitment and knowing the industry, the market, the city, and the neighborhoods. It’s leading the right people to the right house. It’s the skill of negotiating, the familiarity with legal contracts, thinking outside the box, and the comprehensive understanding of the business.



Combining business expertise, integrity and a wealth of local knowledge, many Hasson brokers have a specialty: either a specific community or certain type of real estate (condominiums, new construction or rural properties). Our brokers often live in their specialty neighborhood, know its history and can provide relevant information about its housing trends.



Ask the broker about his or her company’s management, support system and local knowledge. Find out how it affects decision making and responsiveness. Hasson’s team of Managing Brokers represent the most highly regarded reputations and credentials in our Realtor® community. They help guide the Hasson Company, crafting the vision and building the foundation of excellence that sets our company apart. Our support staff is dedicated to developing professional relationships and providing unmatched support to our brokers. They are committed to equipping them with the tools needed to offer you the best experience possible.



A “For Sale” sign isn’t enough to drive traffic to your home. The Hasson Company connects buyers and sellers by promoting your home utilizing a variety of tools and resources. Every property receives an individual, fully responsive, property website, giving buyers the opportunity to browse through photo galleries, dive into neighborhood information and statistics, find the nearest amenities and even calculate their monthly mortgage payment. We support an extensive and active agent-to-agent referral network and expose your home to buyers by syndicating to the most popular, heavily-trafficked websites both locally and nationally.



The goal is for you to have a successful and smooth transaction. Utilizing technologies such as Zipforms, Docusign and Docusign Transaction Rooms, your Hasson broker can create forms online, send them to you for digital signature, and store them online for your viewing on either your computer or mobile device. The Hasson Company provides every broker with the necessary technologies to be successful in serving the needs of today’s client.



After all your questions have been answered and concerns allayed, the choice of broker comes down to chemistry. Trust your instinct and listen to that all-telling gut feeling. The Hasson Company knows how crucial it is to select the right partner as your collaborator in this important process. That’s why we’re dedicated to having the best brokers rather than the most, and why we recruit based on personality and integrity, not just performance. We select each of our brokers carefully and we urge you to do the same.